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Analyst II (Portfolio Management)Portfolio ManagementGreenville, SC
Business Analyst- Legal ServicesForeclosureGreenville, SC
Collections ManagerCollectionsHouston, TX
Collections Representative (Performing Loans) AMCollectionsHouston, TX
Collections Supervisor (PM)CollectionsGreenville, SC
Corporate Counsel Legal ServicesGreenville, SC
Customer Service Representative (Full-Time)Customer ServiceGreenville, SC
Customer Service Representative (PM)Customer ServiceHouston, TX
Customer Service Supervisor (PM)Customer ServiceHouston, TX
Data Mapping & Validation Analyst- Loan TransfersServicing OperationsGreenville, SC
Default Escalations SpecialistDefault EscalationsHouston, TX
Director - Loss MitigationLoss MitigationGreenville, SC
Document Curative SpecialistLoan AdministrationGreenville, SC
Document Curative SupervisorLoan AdministrationGreenville, SC
File SpecialistLoan AdministrationGreenville, SC
Foreclosure Litigation Specialist IIForeclosureGreenville, SC
Foreclosure Specialist IForeclosureGreenville, SC
Foreclosure Specialist IForeclosureHouston, TX
Foreclosure SupervisorForeclosureGreenville, SC
In-line Bankruptcy Quality Assurance Specialist BankruptcyHouston, TX
In-line Bankruptcy Quality Assurance SpecialistBankruptcyGreenville, SC
Insurance SpecialistLoan AdministrationGreenville, SC
Investor Reporting Analyst II (GSE)Investor ReportingGreenville, SC
Loan Administration Quality Assurance SpecialistLoan AdministrationGreenville, SC
Loss Mitigation SpecialistLoss MitigationHouston, TX
Loss Mitigation SpecialistLoss MitigationGreenville, SC
Loss Mitigation Specialist- PMLoss MitigationHouston, TX
Loss Mitigation Specialist- PMLoss MitigationGreenville, SC
Loss Mitigation SupervisorLoss MitigationHouston, TX
Managing AnalystPortfolio ManagementGreenville, SC
MSR and Whole Loan Valuation AnalystInformation TechnologyGreenville, SC
Payment Processor Accounting/FinanceGreenville, SC
Quality Assurance Specialist ComplianceGreenville, SC
Quality Assurance Specialist IIComplianceHouston, TX
Quantitative Model DeveloperPortfolio ManagementGreenville, SC
Secured Bankruptcy SpecialistBankruptcyGreenville, SC
Secured Bankruptcy SpecialistBankruptcyHouston, TX
Special Loans & Servicing Operations AnalystServicing OperationsGreenville, SC
Supervising AnalystPortfolio ManagementHouston, TX
Supervising AnalystPortfolio ManagementGreenville, SC
Tax SpecialistLoan AdministrationGreenville, SC
Verbal Complaint SpecialistComplianceGreenville, SC
Verbal Correspondence SupervisorComplianceHouston, TX
Verbal Correspondence SupervisorComplianceGreenville, SC
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